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Welcome to Hyde Kites A British brand, Hyde Kites is one of the largest volume sailmakers worldwide, delivering high quality sails with a service to match. Backed up by 50 years of expertise, Hyde Kites has always placed itself at the forefront of sail technology, design and production for everything from Optimists to cruisers and ocean racing yachts. Since the day the company was established, Hyde Kites commitment has been to deliver sails of high performance and impeccable quality with a service to match. Hyde Kites have the designers, the technology and the experience to tackle any sail making challenge...


The VOODOO revamped! Our all round 1 Strut kite is even better for 2022. This do everything Kite is the perfect tool for the 1 Kite quiver. Surf, Foil, Boost, Freestyle and Freeride all in one kite with only 1 strut! The 2022 VOODOO has a thinner profile, less tension along the LE with no blow down factor, even at the high end. The bridles have been reduced in length for a more direct and pivoting turn while maintaining a perfect all in bar stroke depower. The range is broken up in 4 categories being 4 different designs through out the range.

1 strut freeride, foil, hangtime, school Sizes: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,18,21

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AURA 2 2022

Our 2nd generation Boosting, Racing, Freeriding to the extreme, high end Kite. AURA2 has had a facelift adding 2 extra struts, thinning out the profile and increasing the Aspect Ratio to a high 5. The new thinner swept LE design enhances turning and Boost accuracy while marking this kite the fastest thing on the water. Bar pressure is light and responsive, hang time is EXTREME!! The range is designed for all conditions. Small sizes for high wind kite looping KOTA sytle while being an optimal Race and Freeriding machine in the mid to XL sizes.

5 strut Race, Big Air Sizes: 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,19


This 3-strut high aspect power house kite is designed specifically for Freestyle, wave and big air, this is our all time all rounder!!. Aggressive pop, controlled slacking and precise finger responsive steering make it ideal for all disciplines, especially in MEGA loops! Controlled slacking is a must in Freestyle but is also a great characteristic for drifting in waves. The finger light responsive steering make sure your always in control even if you don't know where your kite is, plus this feature makes for the smoothest rotations in kite loops. The aggressive profile design will boost you to the moon and your highest jumps ever. New features for 2021 are slightly higher aspect and a more closed ARC for tighter loops, faster turning and quick acceleration. Bridles are tuned light and for high end, strong winds and bigger jumps. The profile is thin and smoothly transitioned from the LE curve, making it cleaner and less prone to tension wrinkles.

3 strut freestyle, freeride Sizes: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,16

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JINX 2022

HYDE KITES 2nd gen WAVE KITE has evolved from the years of leading wave kite designs from BWS former designer Dano See. Fast pivot turning with smooth medium bar pressure make the JINX an awesome surfing machine, while dueling as a high powered Freestyle jumping and mega kite looping Kite! The fast acceleration of the Jinx gets you out of any wave predicament and the flawless wave riding DRIFT make for any perfect down the line or onshore surf break. This is an all in 1 wave/freestyle Kite suited to any conditions and developed by riders. JINX Gen2 has added sizes to the range and higher AR from 9m and bigger. The small sizes remain the ultimate high wind and stable wave designs from Gen1 which also pair as perfect foiling kites from the increased stability. Bridles are tuned for more bar feel and direct touch steering.

3 strut Wave, boost, foil Sizes: 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13

VOID 2022

The Strutless VOID 2nd gen, now a do it all Kite! With the exploding new craze of Foiling heavy set in, we put our efforts into a really fresh design specific for technical and Freestyle Foiling, but didn't forget the need for Twin Tip Freeriding and also Wave Kiting categories. The Gen2 2021 design has an even more swept LE, closed ARC shape and finely tuned LE and Bridle positioning to alleviate the inversion and buckling that some heavy riders experienced with Gen1. The steering is precise and direct even at full depower, the loops a small and tight. Bar stroke progressive yet still maintaining a stall-less sheeting power even as the wind is strong. This Kite is amazingly agile and light in feel. The 2021 VOID Range is the same Kite specifics throughout the range, as it works perfectly the same in every size!

Strutless foil only Sizes:  3,4,5,6,7,8,10,13

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How about having your kite custom printed? It's not as expensive as you may think and no MOQ's, just send us your artwork and we can work out a price for you.